• Our experience in Montenegro

    How to get in Montenegro

Whether you choose to fly, train, ferry or drive, it’s not difficult to get to Montenegro these days. New routes are continually being added to the busy timetable at the country’s two airports, although at present no low-cost carriers are represented. It’s sometimes cheaper and more convenient to make your way from neighbouring countries, especially Croatia. Dubrovnik’s airport is very close to the border and the Adriatic’s most beautiful city makes an impressive starting point to a Montenegro holiday.


The second international airport at Tivat (TIV; 032-670 930; www.montenegroairports.com) is well positioned for holidaymakers heading to the Green House

Montenegro’s largest and most modern airport is immediately south of the capital Podgorica (TGD; 020-444 244; www.montenegroairports.com) .


Montenegro Lines ( 030-303 469; www.montenegrolines.net) has boats from Bar to Bari at least twice weekly from May to September (deck ticket €44 to €48, cabin €56 to €210, 10 hours); and from Bar to Ancona at least weekly from July to August (€51 to €60, cabin €70 to €230, 16 hours). Cars cost €68 to €90, but are free for bookings for four cabin passengers.


Crossing into Montenegro with a private or hire car won’t pose any problems as long as you have all of your papers in order. You must have vehicle registration/ownership documents and a locally valid insurance policy such as European Green Card vehicle insurance. Be sure to check your hire car insurance cover as some Western European companies will not cover you for travel in Montenegro.