Our experience in Montenegro

Montenegro. Get Lost. Find yourself.

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The Travel

We had our trip in Montenegro on mid September, not the perfect timing for visiting the country, which is best to be visited on late Summer for its wonderful fjords, lakes and mountains.
We were prepared to have weather against us, to force ourselves in the small towns on Kotor Bay, but what we found was a land eager to be discovered, and soon that little bay with its shining little town reflected on the lake has become the starting point for a journey throughout the country, hundreds of miles eaten by our hungry car.

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The Boat Trip

We reach Dubrovnik, Croatia, by boat from Bari, Italy. That boat full of anxious people whom can’t wait to get to Medjugorje was the beginning of our trip. Medjugorje is most famous for being pilgrimage’s destination. So we found ourselves among praying people hunger for Mary’s blessing. We were softly sleeping when an old lady yelled “It’ 10 pm, time to pray”. Suddenly the boat turned into a church, and we felt like pagan among them. After 8 hours of prayers and boat’s fluctuating we got in Dubrovnik, 1st stop of our Journey.

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 Dubrovnik, King’s Landing

In recent times the city has gotten a reputation for being King’s Landing, main city in Games of Thrones TV show. We didn’t know that, but we became aware of that quite soon. Too many places reminds the medieval atmosphere, city walls are so bright, and that combined with the sunny day didn’t make us feel at all the constant going up and down. There are astonishing sea views from highest walls, but you will find yourself walking up quite a lot! The weather was so gorgeous that we could have a bath in one of the best city’s beaches.

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The Journey

We jumped in our rented car, an Opel Corsa, and we drove to our main destination, Montenegro, just few kilometers from the city. While we drove by Dubrovnik’s seashore we couldn’t force ourselves to not stopping and staring the sunset on the city, enriched by a enlightened boat on the harbour.

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Kotor Bay

We spent most of our time in this bay, one of the most indented of the Adriatic sea, and one of UNESCO world heritage sites. The bay gets its name from the main city Kotor, an old mediterranean port surrounded by fortification. At daylight you must absolutely get on the highest peek, where the high wall ends. There you have a spectacular sight of the whole city. But in the evening get under the wall, where games of lights enlighten the walls, from its beginning at the harbor to the peek, providing a spectacular scene for your eyes.

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